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Artistic Inspiration & A Journal Entry

Today I’m going to share a bit of musing from an older journal entry ~ just a few thoughts I had about art and nature…

“…art is never in want since Nature is the greatest artist of all. Where else can one see all the variations of color,texture,shadow and light play all intermixed in such daring and stunning ways? The Earth serves as both palette and canvas and each tiny part is a masterpiece within the greater scope of the planet, which in and of it’s self is but one masterpiece in a Universe of artistic mastery and wonder. To wax prose on such is just to say all which has been and will continue to be said about it in a multitude of ways, and yet I feel that the soul of one touched by the true awe of any of it, even the smallest bit of it, must put forth something or else burst from the divine…”

Yes, I am ever the dramatic in many ways, but I do feel so very strongly about the pure connection of art, nature and soul and the inspiration they all feed each other. Why what would any of them be without the others? I find inspiration and soul soothing within nature and I know I am not alone in this. No matter the season, no matter the place – a single moment with nature feeds me, mind, body and soul.

Where do you find your artistic and soul inspirations?

Namaste ~ Ella

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  1. You have such a style with words, one knows almost instantly that it is you who speak. Your pictures as well flow as easily with your words as my eyes do! Thanks! 🙂

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