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Word Nerd : Flibbertigibbet

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Besides being a delightfully whimsical, onomatopoeic  word to say (flibbertigibbet really just rolls off the tongue with a giggle!) it has been used in quite a few different ways. One of the best known is probably from the song “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” from “The Sound of Music”

how-do-you-find-a-word-that-means-maria-a-flibbertigibbet-via-lawhimsy“…How do you find a word that means Maria – A flibbertigibbet, a will-o’-the-wisp, a clown…”

It’s also had less than happily quirky meaning in it’s uses since Shakespeare utilized flibbertigibbet to represent a demon in “King Lear” and Sir Walter Scott used it as a nickname for an impish urchin in his novel novel “Kenilworth”

Flibbertigibbet by John WhippleAll I know for sure is that I love saying and using flibbertigibbet as much as possible since a word like that is simply begging to be said and besides, since I can sometimes be described as both a whimsical and flighty person, I suppose I could be a flibbertigibbet, tee-hee!

Just MeNamaste ~ Ella

* I think that onomatopoeic is a fairly fantastic candidate for a future Word Nerd, don’t you?! And Done!

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