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One of Those Weeks…

You know those kinds of weeks, the kind that seem to wring you out and leave you exhausted and glad to see Friday night. This was one of those weeks, though really, it’s not that it was a bad week, per say, it was simply something of a taxing one. I suppose the speeding energy of, what I felt was, a rather ugly election (did we seriously need all of that negative bashing and over-the-top mudslinging? Really?!?) as it built to it’s climax didn’t help the atmosphere any. Nor did a few of the personal issues I was having (that, happily enough, are well on the road to good outcomes) or the fact that I kept on stabbing my fingers with things (sure, I’m a klutz, but come on!).

All I know for sure is that I am beyond glad that this week is over, the weekend is here and soon a new week shall be beginning! I’m ready to collapse in a cozy heap and recharge my spirits, mind and body with some movies, gummi and sour treats and plenty of popcorn and laughs!

Here’s to the weekend!

Namaste ~ Ella

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