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Word Nerd : Metanoia

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metanoia-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyMetanoia is a positive, life-affirming journey that from the offset may seem impossible, over-difficult and down-right frightening but to push through is to reach new, enlightening stages of existence. Isn’t it part of our life’s purpose to undergo various challenges, changes and stages of metanoia? To step outside your comfort zone, stretch yourself and see beyond the small sphere that can close in and hold you back in ways you didn’t even realize. To become fully aware of more than just yourself and just your limited way of seeing, thinking, feeling and being – that is to truly and completely live. Metanoia isn’t always a huge shift or change, it can be the small, simple, everyday sort of changes that add up to a life altering journey.

metanoia-sensory-overload-via-lawhimsyI don’t mean to get overly deep, it’s just that metanoia struck a cord with me since I have been going through something of a spiritual and mental shift, one that has had some dark moments and yet I always knew, deep in my core that there was a strong light waiting for me at the other end.

we-are-the-facilitators-of-our-own-creative-evolution-bill-hicks-quote-monday-mantra-131-via-lawhimsyCheck out Monday Mantra 131 ~ It’s a lovely compliment to metanoia!

My one great hope is that all those who are on a similar path are able to push on and achieve metanoia ~ that change of heart, mind, spirit and life. Have you ever experienced Metanoia?

Namaste ~ Ella

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