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Make yourself comfy and have some tea

I had quite the full weekend and I feel as though I have been going-going-going since last Tuesday! After Halloween and all of it’s crazy hub-bub, I had a ton of errands to run on Thursday, Friday was Halloween decor take-down day, Saturday was spent tromping around the gorgeous look-out & mountainous woods (and taking a gazillion pics that I’ll be sharing later in the week) and Sunday was spent taking care of personal things and animals. Whew! Now, however, it’s the start of another new week, filled with all sorts of endless possibilities and outcomes and I thought I’d share a few of the small things that have been providing me with ample delight.

The dolls are a teaser glimpse of an utterly amazing thrift score, the drawing is a fun technique I’ve been playing around with and that wee nest up in the corner, well, that’s a magical find that somehow survived the worst of Sandy’s wind (I reside far enough in-land and nestled in enough mountains to have received only strong wind (with minor power-outages), rain and a few snow flurries from that monster storm – something I am thankful for. My thoughts are with all those who were much more devastatingly affected.).

It was resting, ever so gently, next to a massive pile of leaves and I was lucky to have spotted it when I went out to pick up the blow over garbage cans. It’s really the little things that can provide such peaceful, joyous comfort and pure wonderful happiness.

Here’s to a terrific week!

Namaste ~ Ella

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