Thrift Shop Fun ~ #YearOfHappy

So this month's #YearOfHappy challenge was to head out and find some delightful thrift-store treasures for under $10.00. Being a thrift-store maven, I readily took this challenge in hand, and on a cold Saturday I headed out with a friend for some digging. My results were a jumble of happiness - I found a huge… Continue reading Thrift Shop Fun ~ #YearOfHappy


Meet Coraline

This is my Coraline - otherwise known as Susie Slicker. Susie Slicker was a variation on the Susie Sad Eyes Doll that was made in the late 60's and early 70's. She's an 8-inch plastic doll with large expressive eyes and she falls into the Lonely Lisa, Love Me Linda, Blythe, Little Miss No Name… Continue reading Meet Coraline

Images, Musings and Mutterings

My Delights

I had quite the full weekend and I feel as though I have been going-going-going since last Tuesday! After Halloween and all of it's crazy hub-bub, I had a ton of errands to run on Thursday, Friday was Halloween decor take-down day, Saturday was spent tromping around the gorgeous look-out & mountainous woods (and taking… Continue reading My Delights