Thrift Shop Fun ~ #YearOfHappy

So this month's #YearOfHappy challenge was to head out and find some delightful thrift-store treasures for under $10.00. Being a thrift-store maven, I readily took this challenge in hand, and on a cold Saturday I headed out with a friend for some digging. My results were a jumble of happiness - I found a huge… Continue reading Thrift Shop Fun ~ #YearOfHappy

To You YearOfHappy via LaWhimsy

Dear Me – A Letter to Myself

Dear Me, Crazy, isn't it? Just being here, being alive, experiencing all those ordinary and extraordinary aspects of this amazingly complex thing called life. It's another year, another click of the cogs, flip of the calendar, turn of the screw, and any other sort of colorful analogy your sweetly kooky mind can come up with.… Continue reading Dear Me – A Letter to Myself