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Dear Me – A Letter to Myself

To You YearOfHappy via LaWhimsyDear Me, Crazy, isn’t it? Just being here, being alive, experiencing all those ordinary and extraordinary aspects of this amazingly complex thing called life. It’s another year, another click of the cogs, flip of the calendar, turn of the screw, and any other sort of colorful analogy your sweetly kooky mind can come up with. It’s time for a deep breath, a slight pause. Life has been filled with so much and so little, so full, yet empty. You’ve been dealt some rough blows, too much sorrow, so much heaviness, yet you’ve been blessed with such joys that your heart – that same heart you felt sure would break with pain and anguish – felt as though it could burst from your chest. There has been wonder, awe, delight – enough to temper and ease the more melancholy times.  Those are what have seen you through, have given you the strength, the determination to keep moving, keep trying, keep going, even when you just wanted to stop and drown in your dysphoria. Oh, and of course, you have always excelled at having a flair for the dramatic, the descriptive, and the poetic. This year is is going to be about fully and completely embracing that gentle bohemian soul that is so very YOU. It’s going to be about focusing on being compassionate, empathic, sensitive, bizarre (to some), and so perfectly, ordinarily WHO & WHAT YOU ARE. You are going to tune into your inner guide, listen with more than your ears. You are going to tap into your creative power and live from your soul. You are going to get out of your own way, stop overthinking, stop guilt-tripping, and truly empower yourself.  The past is over and done with. It is time to step forward, taking with only those things which are worth cherishing and learning from. It is time to be completely in the present, in this way, the future will write it’s self accordingly. Trust, faith, hope, love – these will continue to be steadfast and worthy. You keep on acknowledging your core and the unknown, the unthinkable, and the endless possibilities will come about as they may and you may just be surprised at how the Universe keeps on providing just what you need. Hello 2015 ~ Just know You Can & Will Be Wonderful! Sweet Promises via LaWhimsyNamaste ~ Ella *This is my love letter to myself for the #YearOfHappy January link-up! Follow the links to join in the fun too!

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  1. Beautiful, Ella! I love the idea of writing to yourself and I always find it so interesting to see other people’s letters to themselves. This is written so beautifully! xx

    1. Thank you Anastasia! I really enjoyed writing this little letter and I found it to be quite cathartic!

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