Meet Coraline

My Coraline

This is my Coraline – otherwise known as Susie Slicker. Susie Slicker was a variation on the Susie Sad Eyes Doll that was made in the late 60’s and early 70’s. She’s an 8-inch plastic doll with large expressive eyes and she falls into the Lonely Lisa, Love Me Linda, Blythe, Little Miss No Name category of dolls.

Susie Sad Eyes Doll Collage

I was super stoked to spot her hiding on a low shelf on a recent antiquing excursion. The particular booth she was in had a 50% off sale going on and she had a tag that read “Lonely Lisa Doll – old, vintage $10”. She was rather dirty and her hair was a fright, but otherwise she was perfect and for $5 I was beyond sold!


A gentle washing with a microfiber cloth, a hair soak in fabric softener (I love this trick – it makes the hair soft and shiny again.) and a bit of love did the trick and Susie became my Coraline. I think she needs a few more pieces of clothing since that raincoat is a bit stiff and I’ve been on the search for a few patterns.


Isn’t she a darling?!

Namaste ~ Ella