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Word Nerd : Erubescent

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsyerubescent definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsy.pngI’m a die  hard blush fan when it comes to cosmetics and I think the redder and brighter the better (though always well-blended and none of that 80’s garish-style, thankyouverymuch, lol!). Blush can light up your whole face and make you feel so fresh and pulled-together. Erubescent is such an elegant way to describe that sweet, full flush on the cheeks, don’t you think?

erubescent flush by lawhimsy on polyvoreWhen I think of reddening, I think of blushing – whether it be by cosmetics, embarrassment or pleasant delight. Erubescent is one of those cheerful words that makes me want to blush more, or at the very least find ways to use and say it more. I’m a natural blusher and can turn pink at the drop of a hat – all the way up to my ears! I like to think of it as charming, rather than a nuisance, since I usually do it while laughing or being silly or mirthful, though the deeply embarrassing  kind can almost burn. I do feel for those who suffer from rosacea since it can be such a painful and misunderstood condition, though you can now use erubescent to describe your situation in a more eloquent way (small comfort, but still…).

erubescent effects by LawhimsyI also think that erubescent is a great word for summer since summer sun and all the outdoor activities there can be to enjoy usually means a higher risk of sun-burn and a not so nice erubescent glow on one’s skin (hello sunscreen and shade!). However you do it, I hope you find a way to add erubescent to your vocabulary!

Namaste ~ Ella

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