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Word Nerd: Lalochezia

Please note the following Word Nerd and accompanying image may be considered offensive and not everyone’s cup of tea.Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsylalochezia definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyLalochezia describes the emotional relief some can gain by using indecent language or swear words. Lalochezia originates from the Greek lalia (speech) and chezo (to relieve oneself). Swear words are considered a “taboo” and when one indulges in lalochezia they can feel an emotional release. As a woman it seems there is even more of a taboo placed on swearing or lalochezia which is beyond ridiculous, because what, I’m less of a “lady” because I say fuck or bullshit or whatever? Yeah, right. Fuck that backwards way of thinking. Maybe I’m just human. Maybe I swear and still like pretty and delicate things. Enough of the linear bullshit classifications and standards of convention set in old-school ways of putting people (women) in their place…anyway back to the topic at hand… There have been studies that show that profanity can help reduce the sensation of pain, so indulging in a bit of lalochezia can be a good thing. Too much lalochezia can be a bad thing, since an overindulgence of anything can lead to desensitization, however the occasional profanity or vulgar word is quite fine. 

lalochezia fuckity fuck by LaWhimsySeriously, I get why people will avoid saying fuck or bullshit and will use things like the f-word or bulls**t or whatnot, but I am not offended by the use of those kinds of words – especially when used in witty, rebellious or unique ways. Note, name calling is so not cool.

Lalochezia has it’s time and place and profanity is a way of expression, a dark art even, depending on how it’s wielded. Like the vulgar words, lalochezia adds texture and layers to the complex world of language.

Namaste ~ Ella

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