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I Go To Seek a Great Perhaps

I go to seek a great perhaps quote via LaWhimsy

Perhaps, such a promise of a word, an idea. Perhaps, so much untold in just the mere utterance of two syllables. Perhaps I shall go out today. Perhaps I shall meet someone. Perhaps I’ll stay in, alone. Perhaps someone will seek me out. Perhaps it will rain, or snow, or be sunny. Perhaps I shall read, write, sing, dance. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…

perhaps via lawhimsyIt’s a musing of a word, the hint of a promise, the start of an adventure, the beginnings of the mundane, of the ordinary and of the extraordinary, too. Perhaps I think too much…perhaps I should just jump in, eyes wide open, with exuberance. Perhaps I’m too afraid. Perhaps it’s time to let go. Perhaps it’s time for something new, for change, for growth, for dismissing the old, the fears. Perhaps is all we have…and then again, perhaps not.

Namaste ~ Ella

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