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Zoetic Word Nerd via LaWhimsyI’m sure everyone has a list (written, mentally, or whatnot) of what they consider to be zoetic to their lives and to how they live. Faith, hope, love – these are every bit as zoetic as food, water and shelter. For something to be zoetic, it must contain a certain vitality that makes life whole and contributes to it’s deeper meaning. I think that zoetic refers to more than just the bare, basic motions of life, it touches upon the very essence of the living experience.
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In the midst of this incredibly cold winter, I find the word zoetic to be particularly lovely and pertinent since it puts me in mind of both the forth coming spring and it’s promise of warmth and fresh, green plant life and of the very thing that makes life worth living – love. Love, by it’s very essence, is zoetic, since it is love that moves and gives meaning to so much of life. I’m not talking just about romantic love, but the love of friends, family, nature and of life in and of itself.
Zoetic for the scrabble win via lawhimsyOh, and of course, zoetic is one of those terrific words that makes Scrabble that much more fun, tee-hee!
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