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Word Nerd : Dulciloquent

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Dulciloquent word nerd via LaWhimsyDulciloquent (or dulciloquence) derives from the Latin form loqui which means to speak, and in this case, it means to speak in a sweet manner. While I’m sure that dulciloquent can refer to using a cloying, saccharine sort of tone, I’d prefer to think of it as utilizing a rich, beautiful vocabulary and having a lovely tone to the voice as one expresses themselves in a kind and capable sort of manner.
dulciloquent sugar lipsYeah, this might be a bit too dulciloquent
Certainly, one who is felicitous in manner would naturally become dulciloquent in their mode of expression…at least that’s what I like to believe. I think that dulciloquence is something that a quaintrelle has, simply because they love to share their thoughts and feelings in a friendly, cheerful way and they listen with the same sort of lively and engaging spirit.
dulciloquent conversation via LaWhimsyChat on with dulciloquence fellow quaintrelle’s!
Namaste ~ Ella

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  1. this is so neat. i love seeing how language comes together. dulce/dolce as sweet and it comes together to form this interesting word!

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