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Word Nerd: Apotheosis

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apotheosis-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyApotheosis is the apex, the culmination, the absolute climax of a person, place, story. To be at the apotheosis of something is to know you’ve reached it’s highest, utmost height. It’s only natural that many, once they’ve hit an apotheosis, come crashing back down in a fast, sliding race to the end. Others manage to retain a deity-worthy spot, creating a true apotheosis status, though seeing as it’s only human nature to make mistakes, bungle things up, or simply give-in to mortality, it’s a very rare feat. I suppose it’s a sort of immortality, to reach a long-lasting sort of apotheosis. Apotheosis can also be very utilitarian in it’s use to bring a story to a head, to reach that ultimate high point in a game, a career. Apotheosis can be very rewarding, and can even result in reaching new peaks and new heights.

Apotheosis of the Rose by Joseph Stella detailApotheosis is a brilliant word, and just think, each day has it’s own unique apotheosis, each situation – we can create and recreate new apotheosis as we move along. Amazing!

Namaste ~ Ella

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