Affirmation Mondays

Monday Mantra 47

ordinary sacred by lawhimsy

Your life is a divine, richly layered, multidimensional, exceptionally amazing experience. In your everyday ordinary existence, you perform, provide, achieve, observe. You act and react, you interact and engage. You do so many simple and complex things, many of which require seemingly little to no active thought. For example, the basic, living act of breathing is done instinctively, intuitively. Miracles, your very self being one of them, occur constantly and continuously, and the cogs and functions of day-to-day living move and twirl as though in a sort of cosmic, sacred dance. How often do you stop, take note, and realize just how utterly and soul-stirringly magnificent this is? Believe me when I say that taking a moment to just breathe and recognize the ordinary sacredness of your everyday can create such a spine-tingling sense of comfort, delight, and peace. The sacred is all around you, is in you and of you and all it takes to tap into it is a little bit of awareness and maybe just a bit of ordinary awe. Life is truly a bewildering, spectacular gift and one well worth cultivating.
Namaste ~ Ella

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