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Word Nerd: Zeitgeist

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsyzeitgeist-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyZeitgeist is the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time. Zeitgeist is quite literally German for “spirit of the age,” from Zeit “time” (see tide) + Geist “spirit” (see ghost). Scholars have long held the belief that each era has a unique spirit, a zeitgeist, that sets it apart from all other epochs. So the taste, outlook, and spirit characteristic of a period or generation define its particular zeitgeist. From the Jazz liquored opulence of the Roaring 20’s to the psychedelic free loving progressive thinking 1960’s to the digital, globally connected current times, zeitgeists have long been making their mark. Each era and place has their own zeitgeist, their own unique imprint that society has made upon that particular time and space they occupied.

zeitgeist-moments-digital-art-collage-by-ella-of-lawhimsyTime may twist and move along, sometimes
linear, other times cyclical, yet zeitgeists continue to emerge as each epoch rolls out into the next…

What the current and future zeitgeists hold, I don’t know, but I do like the idea that hope will be a strong thread that connects them. 

Namaste ~ Ella

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