ghost feet photography by lawhimsy

Ghost Feet ~ A Song from the Soul Poem

ghost feet photography by lawhimsyGhost Feet

You hear them on the wooden floor
so soft and slightly creaking,
yet you know you are alone,
just what is it that’s come creeping?They dance and spin,
stirring up the dust of passing time,
of memories long forgotten,
of past emotions, bittersweet,
and motions once begotten.You see their prints upon the ground,
you hear their pause and flitting sounds
but when you turn around
to catch their flight
they are gone
…all is still and light.

~ Ella Patrice

I often find that when I am going through my photos one or two of them spark something in my brain. That spark in turn starts a lyrical, poetic vein and I do what I can to capture the flow in writing. This song from the soul poem came to me when I saw this blurry image of my feet (accidental phone dropping creates the most interesting photos!) and as I was editing it, the words all but poured out of me. I hope you enjoyed it!

Namaste ~ Ella

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