mountain air romance via LaWhimsy
Just Breathe

Fresh Air Seduction

fresh air, a romance in nature via LaWhimsyThis air. It’s so perfect in it’s rich, chill seduction today. I want to breathe it all in, take great, greedy gulps and fill my lungs, my very being, with the pure, lush greatness of it. The air is touched with magic, with the very Divine gracing it with it’s presence. It’s Winter air with the barest hints of the coming Spring in it’s undertones. It’s mountain air, clean and pure, fresh and crisp. It’s the kind of air that warps around you, beckoning you to linger just a bit longer. Simply breathing becomes a transcendental experience, and you never want it to stop. The air is sweet and so diaphanous, as it dances and wends and fills the atmosphere with it’s ambrosial wonder. My soul sings out for this kind of air. This silky, cool, vibrant air that brings joy to my being and rhapsodic words to my lips. This air that romances and entrances. Rejuvenating, refreshing, this air laced with hope, promise, and rebirth. This air.

mountain air romance via LaWhimsyBreathe it in. Breathe it out.

Namaste ~ Ella

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