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Word Nerd: Malneirophrenia

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsymalneirophrenia definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyMalneirophrenia is the foul, heavy, negative state of mind one finds themselves in after a nightmare. Malneirophrenia is the antonym of euneirophrenia and originates from Ancient Greek mal (bad), oneiro (dream), phrenia (state of mind). A bad night’s sleep can also be a contributing cause of malneirophrenia. Malneirophrenia is characterized by a peevish, irritable, beastly temperament that occurs as one wakes up after a terrible night or frightfully awful dream. Malneirophrenia is not a desirable state of mind, and it’s one that should be treated with compassion and understanding (up to a point, of course).

malneirophrenia caused by bad dream demons via LaWhimsyTossing / Turning / Twisting / Lurching / a dreamscape colored with visions hurting. / Voiceless screams / Paralyzed limbs / longing for the nightmare to end. / A sweat marked brow / a trembling heart / wrenched awake with a panicked start. / Disoriented / Petrified / Overwhelmed / Afraid…alive? / A morbid mood / a heavy mind /  the malneirophrenia has no disguise… ~ Ella

Malneirophrenia is quite an unnerving and unsettling word and a mood I’d much rather not have to deal with, and yet it is one that I am familiar with, having visited the nightmare valley before (as have we all). Though it is nice to have a term to help describe the head-space it can place me in! So you aren’t left in a bad head-space, check out the definition of euneirophrenia !

Namaste ~ Ella

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