Monday Mantra 152 – Here’s a thought, try being informed instead of just opinionated

Here's a thought, try being informed instead of just opinionated quote Monday Mantra 152 via LaWhimsyHere’s a thought, try being informed instead of just opinionated.” ~ LaWhimsy

You know how it goes, you are going about your business, humming and happy and just doing you, when suddenly you find yourself being confronted by another’s (usually very loud) opinion. I say confronted because whether it’s in person or virtual form, it’s an opinion that comes on as my way or the highway and it’s quite usually an opinion you didn’t ask for. Odds are also quite good that this opinion is misinformed. As this election and now “presidency” have shown, facts are not important, only volume and nastiness. Well, I have had more than enough. This may come as a sort of novel idea to some, but perhaps one should try being informed instead of just opinionated. I know, I know, why would one want or choose to actually learn something when some of the most important roles in our government are being held by bullies who don’t give any f**ks about truth, facts, accountability, morals, ethics, or even basic kindness? Well, I say don’t sink to that pathetic level. Be better than that and do your best to be informed before you have an opinion. And when you have formed an educated opinion, don’t waste it on those who won’t hear it, instead share it with an open, loving mind and ignore those who would attempt to drown it out with idiocy. Those who want to hear it will and you will be better off for being informed, open-minded, honest, and just all-around kind.

Namaste ~ Ella

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