You are as you are until you are not and that's okay life wisdom quote Monday Mantra 222 via LaWhimsy
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Monday Mantra 222 – You are as you are until you are not and that’s okay

You are as you are until you are not and that's okay life wisdom quote Monday Mantra 222 via LaWhimsyYou are as you are until you are not and that’s okay.”

Life may very well be about change, however sometimes it’s also about simply flowing where, how and as you are…

“You are as you are until you are not and that’s okay.”

Change, it’s everywhere. Everything changes. Sometimes it’s for the better, sometimes it’s not, sometimes there is change so that everything can stay the same(?!). Life is truly all about changing, adapting, becoming, shedding, growing, ebbing, flowing. It can be overwhelming at times, underwhelming at others. The change is too fast, the change is too slow, the change isn’t enough, or it’s too much, or, or, or…

The thing is, change happens when and how and why it wants. Yes, we can assert a certain influence over it, or at least, over how we choose to go along with the changes, but they will happen as they happen.

One real difficulty with change is wanting it one way or another. You know the feeling – you desire a change and take all of these steps and apply all sorts of tricks and tips to making it happen and it just doesn’t feel like enough to actually create the change or results you want. So you keep trying and getting frustrated or annoyed or dispirited when it just doesn’t seem to be happening. So you just keep on going trying to find that magic “ah-ha!” light-bulb moment that means that the change you want has happened. But it never quite comes and you feel dejected and like you’ll never change or find that change.

It’s still going to happen, it’s just that you are as you are until you are not. Just like situations are as they are until they are not. And it’s okay. You are okay. Change will happen, and if you are open and willing, the change will happen and it will most likely be exactly what is needed and exactly when and how it was needed.It’s okay to relax a bit and not push quite so hard and to accept you as you are, right here, right now. The more you do that, the more the changes that need to be made will happen. The caterpillar doesn’t fight who and what they are – they are simply a caterpillar until they no longer are. Work goes into their metamorphosis, but they allow it to unfold in the time that’s needed – they listen to their instincts and don’t fret or push too much or too soon. They just allow time to unfold the changes and they are what they are until they are not.

It can be a difficult lesson to take to heart and there have been so many times in life where I just didn’t want to be the way I was any longer and yet I had to find a way to accept that I would be the way that I was until wasn’t. And in finding that acceptance, it allowing it and myself to be okay, I cultivated a softness, a gentleness with myself and a peace I needed. It’s not easy, but it is so worth it. And let me tell you, it’s a lesson that keeps coming for me, but each time I do learn a little more and each time I do find it to be a little more okay. Change will always keep happening and we each of us will continue to be as we are until we are not. And it’s okay.

Namaste ~ Ella

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