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Glitter Makes Me Happy

Glitter magic through the fingers

It seem ubiquitous to the season, that shiny, sparklingly delight (or curse, depending upon opinion) known as glitter. It shows up everywhere, from ornaments, to trees, to cards, to make-up, nail-polish  – you name it and there it appears. Then it spreads it’s cheer by dancing about, adding a magical, reflective touch to everything. Much like sand, glitter has the unique ability to multiply and grace the surface (and more) of every single person, place, thing or even idea that crosses it’s path – and even a few that don’t!

glitter magic

Personally speaking, glitter makes me happy. I love to find sparkles everywhere and it just makes me smile when I see it’s pretty shine. Certainly, spilling a jar full of glitter is no fun and there can be times when trying to get it off one’s person can drive one a wee bit mad, but overall I enjoy the glittery goodness. Even as I write this there are a few errant glints in my hair, on my clothes and on Nelly (I was making bows with glittery ribbons and she was ‘helping’ in her doggy way).

glitter and sparkle

What can I say, She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten!

Glitter and Shine on, Lovelies!

Namaste ~ Ella

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