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Inglenook Word Nerd  via lawhimsyAn inglenook is something a bit lost in more modern home design (especially here in the US), and yet, I find it to be such a charming addition. To be certain, an inglenook was a much needed and desired space when heating was done only by fireplace and later, when artificial heating was inadequate at best (which, it could be argued in many cases, it still is!). Now it’s more of a cozy space design.
Inglenook coziness by the fireplace via word nerdI know I’d love to curl up and have a comfortable coze with a good book or a dear friend in an inglenook – wouldn’t you? The idea of a small space, just perfect for tucking one’s self into, with a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate or tea is delightful. I’ve always adored tiny, quiet spaces and that’s an inglenook described to perfection!
Cinderella Inglenook Collage via lawhimsy
I think it’s also worth noting that Cinderella received her name from her habit of sitting in the inglenook of the kitchen (a much dirtier and utilitarian inglenook, to be sure), thus getting herself a bit sooty from the flying cinders.
Does your home have an inglenook or would you enjoy having one?
Namaste ~ Ella

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3 thoughts on “Word Nerd : Inglenook”

  1. When I lived in Ireland we had a large inglenook in the farmhouse kitchen, with space for two people to sit either side – those seating areas were called ‘hobs’. You always knew the people that had them and sat in them, especially the women, because they suffered from chilblains noticeable by the red splotchy patterns on their legs.

    1. That’s really neat ~ Thank you for sharing! I’ve only ever seen inglenook while touring old houses/museums or in pictures. To have lived with one is just awesome, minus the chilblains!

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