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Word Nerd: Volition

Volition is an act of making a choice or decision. Volition derives from the Latin velle (to wish). Volition was borrowed by the English from the French in the 17th century. Volition was first used to mean an act of choosing. Herman Melville used volition as such in Moby-Dick “Almost simultaneously, with a mighty volition… Continue reading Word Nerd: Volition


Tombstone Stardust : A Poem

Tombstone Stardust The haunting of leaves' melody Crunching like so many bones Spellbound by the moonlight's glow an almost foreboding thought, of what, no one knows. Stardust, it scatters itself through the trees A sparkling shadow of the veil unseen Yet leaving its mark upon gravestones and me. ~ Ella Patric A blessed Samhain and… Continue reading Tombstone Stardust : A Poem

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Word Nerd: Ensorcell

Ensorcell means to bewitch, enchant, or charm. Ensorcell derives from the Middle French ensorceler, which is an alteration of Old French ensorcerer  from en- (in, into, on) and sorcier (sorcerer). Ensorcell was first used around 1535–45. Ensorcell is such a delightful word and it has several off-shoots including ensorcelled, ensorcelling, and ensorcellment. The ensorcellment of… Continue reading Word Nerd: Ensorcell

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Word Nerd: Sepulchre

Sepulchre is a burial vault, tomb, or grave. Sepulchre derives from the Latin root sepelire (to bury) and came to use in Middle English through Anglo-French means. Sepulchre was first used around the beginning of the 13th century. Sepulchre is a rather rare word since the terms burial, grave, and tomb are far more often… Continue reading Word Nerd: Sepulchre

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Word Nerd: Plenilune

Plenilune is a full moon or the time of the full moon. Plenilune is a Middle English word that derives from the Latin plenilunium, which derives from plenus (full) and lunium / luna (moon). Plenilune is a word with a fairly straight forward definition - a full moon. Plenilune is such a poetic word ~… Continue reading Word Nerd: Plenilune

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Word Nerd: Punnet

A punnet is a small container or basket for fruits or vegetables. Punnet is of uncertain origin but is thought to be a diminutive of pun (British dialect word for pound). Punnet is used mostly in Commonwealth countries (though not Canada) and it's first recorded usage is around 1815 to 1825. Punnets are usually small… Continue reading Word Nerd: Punnet