A Buddhist prayer meditation Monday Mantra 60 via LaWhimsy
Affirmation Mondays

Affirmation Mondays 60 – A Buddhist Prayer Meditation

Take a moment and let this lovely prayer wash over you. Say these words as you breathe in and out... May I be happy. May I be at ease. May I be free from danger. May I be loved. May you be happy. May you be at ease. May you be free from danger. May… Continue reading Affirmation Mondays 60 – A Buddhist Prayer Meditation

Just Breathe

A Moment of Calm

Life has certainly been a bit much as of late and between work, play, relationships, personal issues, and the constant weather changes, I've been neglecting and ignoring my inner voice. This has resulted in longer lasting and more painful migraines (pressure systems are my biggest migraine trigger and since the weather has been so bi-polar… Continue reading A Moment of Calm