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Word Nerd : Kith and Kin

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kith-and-kin-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsy ‘Tis the start of those wonderfully magical winter holidays, the kind filled with one’s kith and kin – whether one likes it or not, tee-hee! I come from a very solitary family, so while my kin are very few and far between, my kith grow each year and some even become kin of the soul.
Kith and Kin Word NerdIt’s thoughts of my kith and kin that fill me with endless warmth and a sort of gratitude that almost makes me teary-eyed with pure and wondrous joy. There is a sense of home, of contentment and of a peaceful ‘yes’ when I think of my dearest kith and kin and my greatest wish is that everyone is able to experience this sort of devotion and love in their lives.
Kith and Kin at peacePeace, love and a harmonious and gracious joy to you all!
Namaste ~ Ella

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