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Happy Holidays and All Days

Happiest of Holidays to You and all you hold dear! I have extra reason to be delighted this year since our sweet Weiky pup got really ill just over a week ago. With a lot of care and help He is doing so much better now - He's out little Christmas miracle this year! Now… Continue reading Happy Holidays and All Days

Kith and Kin Word Nerd
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Word Nerd : Kith and Kin

'Tis the start of those wonderfully magical winter holidays, the kind filled with one's kith and kin - whether one likes it or not, tee-hee! I come from a very solitary family, so while my kin are very few and far between, my kith grow each year and some even become kin of the soul.… Continue reading Word Nerd : Kith and Kin

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Be My Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope that love delights and fills your heart with smiles, whether you are in a romantic relationship, a platonic relationship, a friendship, a family or even just you, yourself! Share the joy, love and laughter that fills your heart with everyone you see today ~ Oh, and won't you be my… Continue reading Be My Valentine?

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It’s Only Just Beginning…

Happy and Whimsical New Year's Wishes to one and all ~ May 2013 bring love, laughter, joy, delight, adventure and new dreams to be shared and spread about like so many champagne bubbles! Namaste ~ Ella

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Tis The Season

I am so delighted that the holiday season is upon us once more! To kick things off, I want to share a little poem I wrote a few years back ~ Enjoy! Holiday Magic It's that time of year, When holiday magic floats through the air. When everyone can awake the child inside And treat… Continue reading Tis The Season