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Tis The Season

Twinkle, Twinkle, little lights, what magic you bring fills me with delight! ~ La

I am so delighted that the holiday season is upon us once more! To kick things off, I want to share a little poem I wrote a few years back ~ Enjoy!

Holiday Magic
It’s that time of year,
When holiday magic floats through the air.
When everyone can awake the child inside
And treat them to a more magical side.
One full of elves, spirits and hope
Reindeer that fly and a nutcracker that spoke.
Sparkling lights fill eyes with a glint,
and smiles all around suggest with a hint
That Frosty may been seen, no matter how quick!
With all the excitement and joy that abounds
The air seems to crackle and make jingly sounds.
If only this time of year could hold fast,
Perhaps we could all find peace at last.
By Ella
I hope everyone’s Days are Merry and Bright!
Namaste ~ Ella