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Word Nerd: Serein

Serein is such a gentle, peaceful word and to experience that sweet, misty dew as evening closes in upon the world around you is to truly experience evening serenity at it's most delicious. Simply writing that sentence, I can feel myself transported to a late Spring evening that is being lightly kissed by serein. The… Continue reading Word Nerd: Serein

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Word Nerd: Cogitation

Cogitation is one heck of a lot like contemplation, but with a more meditative and considerate bent. At least that's how I like to view (and utilize) cogitation. When one is cogitating, they are engaging their faculty of thinking and of feeling. Deep thought is at it's best when it is done with careful reflection… Continue reading Word Nerd: Cogitation


Poetic Inspirations : Summer Fading

Temporary Anemone Tattoo by oanabefort on Etsy So fades summer once more, memories turn with the earth yet etched upon my skin the season lingers like a perfect scent for all time. Through the fiery browning of Autumn, into the sharpness of Winter and the damp blooming of Spring, Summer shall remain a gentle kiss… Continue reading Poetic Inspirations : Summer Fading

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Word Nerd : Oread

Oread derives, most famously, from Greek and Roman mythology and the most famous of the oreads is Echo. I've always found Echo's story to be so beautifully melancholy, due to her being punished and denied use of her lovely voice and then, in true poetic justice, it being the part of her that is preserved… Continue reading Word Nerd : Oread

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Poetry is in Everything

April is National Poetry Month and it has been since it's inauguration by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. Poetry appreciation is not, however, confined to simply this month and that only makes sense, since poetry is in and about everything. It is the very language of the human experience - emotional, physical, paradoxical,… Continue reading Poetry is in Everything