Poetic Musings

I sometimes sit and ponder, what all this means to me -The world, my home, my hopes and joys all pale in sight of thee. What has come upon me, so sudden and yet foretold, what shall become of me, when the feeling does grow old? Melancholy, maybe, but in still my soul, a kind… Continue reading Poetic Musings

Musings and Mutterings

Hello April

So starts another month, filled with hopes, promise, untold wonders, delights, issues to tackle, problems to solve, difficulties to sort through and so on...you know, LIFE! Happy April and may it's showers definitely bring about May flowers that shall bloom well into June! Oh and what do y'all think of the new blog header, graphic… Continue reading Hello April

Musings and Mutterings

Photobooth Animation Delights

How perfectly, vintagely whimsical are these absolutely fantastic, utterly captivating photobooth animations by Nicholas Osborn of Square America?! He describes them as “A jittery, flickering, Frankensteinian attempt to bring old photos back to life.” (which, btw, I am so going to be utilizing the term Frankensteinian!) . I found them via The 1955 Hudson and was enamored at first sight!… Continue reading Photobooth Animation Delights