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Word Nerd: Friluftliv

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsyfriluftliv definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyFriluftliv (pronounced free-loofts-leave) is a Scandinavian word that translates literally as free-air life. Friluftliv was coined by the Norwegian poet Henrik Ibsen in his poem “On The Heights” in 1859.

Friluftliv is a philosophical notion that broadly describes how a strong connection to nature unlocks a personal sense of vitality and freedom. For most Norwegians, friluftliv is a way of life. Friluftliv, much like hygge, mysa or fika, is an active mindset coupled with a way of life. Ones, I might add, that usually provide a deep sense of comfort, well-being, groundedness and connection.

friluftliv living is a mindset and an action image by cristina gottard on unsplash via LaWhimsyFriluftliv is a year-round, all-weather lifestyle…after all there is no such thing as poor weather, simply poor clothing choices…

Between Covid restrictions and the horrid fires and with so many feeling so trapped, the concept of friluftliv seems even more important and relevant than ever. To be able to step outside and engage with nature in any way possible is a true gift and one that should be indulged in as often and as long as possible. Yes, the weather may be starting to turn cold and damp and what seems to be unpleasant, but by turning your mindset, you may be able to find it more enjoyable and yourself more capable. Friluftliv is all about your mind and it’s ability to connect with the natural world around you – in almost all conditions. By retraining your mind to see the grandeur and glory in even the most mundane or “unpleasant” you are retraining yourself to be calmer, more easy-going and more ready to go with the flow. Kinda nice sounding, isn’t it? What do you think about engaging in a more friluftliv life?

Namaste ~ Ella

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