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Word Nerd: Mysa

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsymysa definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyMysa means to engage in an activity that is comfortable and pleasurable, especially at home, being content and cozy. Mysa is a Swedish word and concept, like hygge or fika, that has no direct English word equivalent.

Mysa is truly the most perfect word for this Covid world-turned-upside-down that we are all currently residing in. The practice of mysa actually requires you to be engaged in comfortable, at home activities that leave you feeling content, relaxed, and fulfilled. With the chaos and upheaval of our “normal” lives, we could all do with some mysa. Whether your mysa activity of choice is reading, or gardening, or drawing, or making playlists, or crafting, or whittling, or joy-watching your favorite series binge-style, or any number of other delights, go at it. Your mind and senses need this and your body will thank you for the sense of calm and ease you provide it by making mysa a daily thing right now…and maybe from now on.

mysa activites are social distancing requirements from image by rebecca grant via LaWhimsyKnitting, having a pleasant cuppa, and perusing a magazine or book are just a few examples of mysa!

Everything may seem bad, but there are silver linings to be found at every turn. Even simple, everyday sorts of things can take on new, wonderful meanings for you if you choose. Mysa is one such way to make this time of social distancing and distance socializing easier and soothing to your soul. At least that is how I’m looking at it. Enjoy the gift of time that has been given to us right now. Things will shift again and maybe, just maybe, we can make it a positive shift!

Namaste ~ Ella

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