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Affirmation Mondays 275 – Turn soft and lovely whenever you have a chance

Turn soft and lovely whenever you have a chance Ella Patrice quote Monday Mantra 275 via LaWhimsy

“Turn soft and lovely whenever you have a chance.” ~ Ella Patrice

Take a deep breath, let the air enter your lungs ~ You’ve got this…

Turn soft and lovely whenever you have a chance.

Life for me had become to much, too literally hard, with no soft spots. Anger, tension, irritability, upset, a kind of constant sadness – these were my companions, my seemingly perpetual go-tos.

And I was tired.

“Where did “I” go?”, I kept on wondering, wishing for change, for a sudden “click” in my brain to fix everything. Of course it kept not happening. “I’m trying.”, I’d whine, feeling embittered and frustrated. I was mad at myself, and I felt dumb and worthless in so many ways.

As this was going on, there was still this little inner voice, one that kept on whispering that I was still there. That I was okay. That I was worth any and everything. That I would feel the ways I longed to feel again. That I held the answers I needed within me.

And you know what? It pissed me off more.

Or it did until finally, one day I suppose I had had enough. I hit my rock bottom and I realized that I needed to start shifting, to allow myself to simply be…

I needed to actively decide to turn soft and lovely.

It hurt, but it hurt in a way that felt more authentic to me and to my actual needs and wounds. As I turned soft and began to relax my stranglehold on my emotions, so much poured out of me. There were tears, and screams, and oddly enough, laughter.

After a bit of time, I started to find balms to help ease the pain of my emotional wounds. By allowing myself to be soft and gentle, things got easier. My overwrought feelings were able to rest and reset. Emotional Weight that I had been dragging around slid off in an amazing way. And as I judged myself less and less, my lightness increased.

I am now in a mental place where I am actively choosing to turn soft and lovely each moment of the day. As I am doing this, I am healing the destructive patterns I had fallen into. I still have my moments and days (who doesn’t) but now they aren’t as debilitating. As long as I breath and go soft, I am able to find the lovely and find my center.

You, too, can choose to turn soft and lovely whenever you want. By actively becoming soft, you are engaging in a radical and amazing action. You are choosing yourself and your power over the power of unhealthy negative emotions and their damaging effects.

Sometimes turning soft and being gentle with yourself may require some outside help (things like medication, therapy, support groups, etc) and that’s perfectly wonderful and nothing to ever be ashamed of (I have been on anti-depressants and hormonal regulators to help me). Please know that there is no right way or wrong way to turn soft and lovely – so long as it provides what you need, it’s perfect. Know too, that how you turn soft and lovely can change from moment to moment, situation to situation, and that’s okay too.

Being soft and lovely will set you apart, but doesn’t the mere thought of being soft in a hard society sound, well, lovely? To be radically gentle and soft is one way to actively be a change, all while changing you for the better.

Turn Soft and Lovely

To turn soft and lovely
doesn’t mean to give in
to simply let your soul be tread upon
your heart be torn to shreds.
To turn soft and lovely
means to open up your core
to fully live and realize
all this life holds in-store.  
To turn soft and lovely
to be open, soul out and free
to be so gently abandoned
to the universal sea.  
I turn soft and lovely
I risk my heart in kind
I find it’s always worth the battle scars
that being so vulnerable can leave behind.
So turn soft and lovely
whenever you have a chance
Reach out and let yourself become
what you’re meant to be at last.
~ Ella Patrice ~
So please consider opening yourself up to being soft and lovely ~ you may just surprise yourself with what will become possible!

Namaste ~ Ella

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