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Word Nerd: Lugubrious

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsylugubrious definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyLugubrious means mournful, sorrowful, dismal, or melancholy especially in a way that seems exaggerated. Lugubrious derives from the Latin lugēre (to mourn). Lugubrious was first used around 1585.

Lugubrious is something of a mouthful of a word that holds a heavy, sad, though often exaggerated meaning. While one can mourn deeply over something or someone, there are times when that gloominess can tip over in a deep, highly dramatic lugubrious mood. In many ways feeling lugubrious can coincide feeling melancholy and with having the morbs. Lugubrious also is akin to cordolium since they are both extreme feelings of heartfelt, heavy grief. When one is feeling lugubrious, they are feeling lachrymose, miserable and often weepy.

lugubrious tears photo crop from image by danie franco via LaWhimsyTo feel lugubrious, one feels such extreme heaviness, such deep mournful, dismal grief that the world seems to stop and fade away in light of the acuteness of the emotions…

I know that lugubrious is a rather heavy word, though it seems to fit so very much right now – both on a very personal level and on a global level. Everything feels so heightened, so unrelieved and, yes, lugubrious in so many, many ways. It’s in these times that each of us needs to keep finding the light, the small bits of joy and goodness and hope that we can. We must do our best to create and cultivate hope and not get totally bogged down with lugubrious feelings. Feel them, of course, but find ways to keep moving forward and keep bringing about change in whatever ways possible. We can and we will get through this and hopefully in ways that make positive waves all around us!

Namaste ~ Ella

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