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Word Nerd: Cordolium

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsycordolium definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyCordolium is heartfelt grief or sorrow of the heart. Cordolium is a Latin word that comprised of the Latin cor (heart) and dolor (pain, sorrow).

Cordolium is translated into English as heartache, though cordolium has a better gravity to it – at least that’s what I think. Cordolium describes that immense intensity and heaviness that goes with the grief and pain of heartbreak. When one experiences cordolium they are usually melancholy, have the morbs, are lachrymose and usually tend to induratize their hearts against future anguish.

cordolium sorrow of the heart exposed digital art collage by Ella Patrice of LaWhimsyCordolium is a feeling one could easily languish in, however, no matter how deep and sorrowful one may be feeling it will eventually ease into an ache that one can live with and it may even fade away into a small shadow that serves to remind one of the good that comes from loving so greatly…

Cordolium is such a magnificent word, wrapping all of the pain, ache, and anguish of heartache up into a perfect descriptive. The deepest of loves can lead to cordolium and yet it is always worth the ability to express and share in it. To ache so much means to love so much and that is truly the reason for living, and for living fully, completely and out loud!

Namaste ~ Ella

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