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Word Nerd : Morbs

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Morbs word nerd via LaWhimsyMorbs – now here is an utterly fantastic bit of Victorian slang that needs to be brought back into vogue immediately! Morbs is an abstract noun coined from the adjective morbid and It’s actually used in phrase form, as in “got the morbs“. Got the morbs was actually the entire, correctly used slang, but I am utterly in love with the single word morbs. There is something so Gothic and tragic and, yes, hilarious about it and I fully intend to add morbs and got the morbs to my personal lexicon!

Got the morbs via lawhimsyI can honestly say that I currently do not have the morbs, but the next time I do simply saying so will undoubtedly life my spirits!

Namaste ~ Ella

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Word image is Melancholy by Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée.