Get Messy

Get Messy Week 9

Get Messy Prompt Time! This week is the October prompt which was about gratitude. It's a lovely prompt and one that flowed easily onto my pages. Gratitude is beautiful and a mind filled with gratitude and appreciation is one brimming with such loveliness that one cannot help but be draw to it... Page one is… Continue reading Get Messy Week 9

Get Messy

Get Messy Week 8

Illusions and beetles and Oscar Wilde...yeah, this week was definitely all about a bit of fun! For page 1, I illustrated and colored in a charming cigarette beetle. Mind you, I am no Coleopterist nor am I into Entomology - I think insects are best left to the wild and away from me (or at… Continue reading Get Messy Week 8


One Minute Can Reset Your Mind and Day

Are you feeling tired, cross, stressed-out, burned-out, tired, foggy-headed, grumpy? Then have I got a trick for you and I only need your attention for a minute. Yes, that's right, just a minute. Still with me? Okay then, I want you to stop what you are doing, sit up (good enough posture will do just… Continue reading One Minute Can Reset Your Mind and Day