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Word Nerd: Sillage

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Sillage Word Nerd via LaWhimsySillage is a French term used to describe the lingering scent that is left by perfume, either in the scent wearer’s wake or on their skin. Sillage is quite the heavenly term since a charming point of perfume is to leave a bit of desirable, lingering, luscious fragrance behind. A scent trail is as natural as can be, and to make it an extra special one, well now. Scent can awaken memories, spin emotions, and cause so much to well up in one, and redolent sillage is one of the ways this occurs.

Her sillage shall linger in memory for all time via LaWhimsyShe walks by / floats really / the sillage of her perfume lilting in her wake / without thought I follow / lead by hope – fate? / she moves, as do I / a mere shadow, a shade / she knows her power, the allure never fades / and I? / I follow and I observe / waiting, listening, knowing my time will come / for now I just worship / my apprenticeship has begun. ~Ella

Namaste ~ Ella

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