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LaWhimsy Jan 2015 Reading List collage I’ve always been something of an avid, voracious reader (I can be so into a book that people have a difficult time getting through to me until I come up for air, and once I am done reading, it can take a little while for me to readjust to “real life”) and I was thinking that maybe I could share a bit of what I’ve been reading. Just a few thoughts on the book, what I enjoyed or didn’t, that sort of thing. So, here we go with what I read over the course of January.

First up is Colette’s Gigi, Julie de Carneilha, and Chance Acquaintances: Three Short Novels

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I have long wanted to read Gigi and I was not disappointed in it’s story and style. I was equally charmed by both Julie de Carneilha, and Chance Acquaintances, though I enjoyed Julie’s story better since I really liked reading about her little, everyday activities.

After that I read, so I suppose I should say re-read Push not the River by James Conroyd Martin.

Push not the river Book Cover Image from LaWhimsy Instagram

This is such a lush, epic book about Poland in the times leading up to and during the 1792 Partition of Poland. Anna’s story is heartbreaking and awe-inspiring, and since I’m part Polish (on my Father’s side) this is like reading a bit about my own history, even if it is historical fiction!

Then I read Emily Fox-Seton by Frances Hodgson Burnett (She of The Secret Garden and A Little Princess fame).

Emily Fox-Seton Book Cover Image from LaWhimsy InstagramThis was such a delightful, charmingly sweet and easy read, well story-wise at any rate. This particular copy of the book is beyond terrible – besides missing the first 4 pages of the book(?!) it was created apparently by poorly scanning pages from an older copy, enlarging them and then printing them out with sub-par ink and paper. I hate to be so judgmental, but yeesh! I had to read this in tiny fragments so as not to unduly strain my eyes! I would recommend this story to anyone who really enjoyed The Secret Garden and A Little Princess (I still enjoy reading both of them from time-to-time!), but please find a better copy to read!

Lastly, I read Dear Enemy by Jean Webster

Dear Enemy Book Cover Image from LaWhimsy InstagramThis is a sequel of sorts to Daddy Long-legs, another favorite from my youth.  I’ve been itching to get my hands on a copy (ideally a vintage one…someday!) and when I spotted this for a killer price I swooped it up. Some might call it a light, romantic book, but there is so much more – feminism, eugenics, social-reform, self-discovery – while some of it is quite dated (personally I cringe/sigh at the Indian village parts, to name but one bit), there are parts of it that still ring true even now.

While these are the books I read and finished during January, I also started a collection of Colette stories, Rest in Pieces, and perused numerous anthologies. As I find my groove, I’ll probably start to go into further detail about the books, my thoughts on them, and whatnot. I hope you enjoyed this peek from my bookshelves! What have you been reading?

Namaste ~ Ella

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