Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Breathing, it’s such an easy, vital part of life that we all usually do it constantly, without much thought. Breathing, however, can be so much more and can be utilized in a very amazing and simple way. To think, we all have this powerful tool at our disposal and yet few use it to it’s potential. Meditation is one of those ways we can focus in on breathing’s power, but it can quite intimidating. I mean, sure it sounds simple – sit quietly, stop thinking and breathe – but it is hardly that since over-thinking is too often all but a curse in this always moving World of ours! With practice and patience, just stopping to breathe can turn into a powerful meditation in it’s own right. That being said, I thought I might share a simple 5-minute breathing meditation that can bring about a bit of calm and help you to refocus yourself…

Here’s The To-Do

  • Step aside, go somewhere quiet (or as quiet as possible). Put on headphones if you have them – if not, just having your speakers turned up a bit on your computer will work.
  • Click on the ‘Click & Breathe’ image below, close your eyes and rest yourself.
  • Focus on your breathing. Breathe in and think “calm” then breathe out and think “joy” (or any other set of words you like, heck even the numbers 1 and 2 will work just fine).
  • Continue to do this and allow your breathing to slow down, deepen or simply just do what it wants. If your mind wanders, don’t fret, just let it go and focus on your breathing once more.
  • At the end of 5 minutes 3 bells will chime and that’s it ~ Doesn’t that feel wonderful?!

When you first begin to take this 5-minute meditation break you may find your mind wandering about like crazy – don’t let that discourage you. It can take some time for your brain to realize that there is a time and a place for all of those thoughts and meditation and breath-focusing aids you in learning how to calm and quiet the crazy-brain train. I’ve been practicing meditation and breathing techniques off and on for years and I still run into frustrating times with it – usually because I’m fretting myself into a froth because of one thing or another (sometimes just because I think I am breathing wrong!). staying with it always (and I mean always) helps and I feel so much better for taking that time to just slow down. I’ll have a permanent page for this so that it will be easy to find for whenever you want a little break and I’ll also be adding other breathing techniques and calmness aides from time to time.

Here’s to a slightly more tranquil and centered mindset for us all!

Namaste ~ Ella

*Music by Liquid Mind (Chuck Wild) ©2011 Gold Masque Music (ASCAP).