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Word Nerd : Jocundity

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Jocundity word nerd via lawhimsy‘Tis the season to be jolly’, as the song so delightfully goes and what better word to go along with it than one that means being merry?! Jocundity comes from the word jocund, which means merry, joyful and lighthearted. The Yuletide season is one that can bring out the always bright-eyed inner child in us all. To wander about a darkened land made bright with glorious twinkle lights, to chase away the chill in the air with warm cups of yummy cocoa, to dress-up the starkness of nature with evergreen delights…how can it not be a merry time? There is a certain magic in the air that comes from the within and spreads out – just like the warm cocoa fills our chilled bodies.

Jocundity cozy and cheerful via lawhimsySure, this time of year can bring about all kinds of stresses, headaches and various nerve-rattling issues (trust me when I say I’ve been dealing with my own set – urgh), but the best parts of the season, the ones that create that sense of jocundity, are the small, sweet, simple parts that have nothing but magic about them. They are always there, we just have to slow down, take a breath and take notice of them.

twinkle lights gif via lawhimsyMay your Holiday Season continue on in a Merry Way (and if you need a bit of extra cheer, go check out Gloryfic’s Keep Calm and SANTA! series ~ it’s terrific!)!

Namaste ~ Ella

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