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Word Nerd : Thaumaturge

Thaumaturge is a word with ancient Greek origins and it's original use didn't associate with magic, rather thaumaturge meant bringer of miracles and was used in reference to several saints. Time has, of course, brought a different connotation with magic and performer of wonders (Beautiful Creatures and Final Fantasy being two of the more popular… Continue reading Word Nerd : Thaumaturge

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Word Nerd : Onomatopoeic

Onomatopoeic is an odd word to describe because it is, in essence, a description! A tip I was given as a wee girl was that if I ever had a question about what an onomatopoeic word means, I should just ask myself, 'What does it sound like?'. I find myself utilizing onomatopoeic words all of… Continue reading Word Nerd : Onomatopoeic

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Word Nerd : Eldritch

With Halloween, Samhain and The Day of the Dead so very close at hand, I felt that an otherworldly sort of word would be quite fitting and eldritch is a rather delightful word with Old English/Scottish origins (both of which are deliciously filled with otherworldly history, myths and lore). May your day be filled with… Continue reading Word Nerd : Eldritch

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Word Nerd : Yugen

Yugen is that moment when you feel that deep, almost overwhelming sense of love, greatness, smallness and connection to everything that has, does and ever will exist that gives your being the seemingly wonderful and painful sense that all that you are feeling is too much for your mere human body to hold within. Nature… Continue reading Word Nerd : Yugen

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Word Nerd : Sesquipedalian

My Sesquipedalian Ways... I know I can be loquacious, sesquipedalian, if you will, This can be exasperating, so I try to not abuse this skill. So many choose to blankly stare or ignore my ways When all I want is to discourse; engage in intelligent forays. To stretch my mind for all it's worth; Encourage others in a… Continue reading Word Nerd : Sesquipedalian

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Word Nerd : Petrichor

Petrichor is the name for that perfectly pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a dry spell. It was named by two Australian researchers, who discovered that the smell is an oily essence emitted from rocks or soils. The oil is a complicated mixture of at least fifty different compounds, rather like a perfume.… Continue reading Word Nerd : Petrichor