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Word Nerd : Thaumaturge

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thaumaturge from incendiaryglance.tumblrThaumaturge is a word with ancient Greek origins and it’s original use didn’t associate with magic, rather thaumaturge meant bringer of miracles and was used in reference to several saints. Time has, of course, brought a different connotation with magic and performer of wonders (Beautiful Creatures and Final Fantasy being two of the more popular places to run across the word). I like that thaumaturge is a more unique word to use in place of wizard or magician and yet it can almost mean something more, something a bit more mystical and almost transcendental element to it. It’s not necessarily just magical, it’s miraculous and maybe even touches upon the divine.

thaumaturge-edward-robert-hughes-twilight-fantasy-via-lawhimsyWhat is magic? What is dream? Shall the thaumaturge conjure up that which is unseen? Miracle, wonder, magic and awe – is it a slight of hand or mystic powers from beyond?

Thaumaturge, what a Word Nerd word, eh?

Namaste ~ Ella

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