Don't call it uncertainty, call it wonder. Don't call it insecurity, call it freedom. Osho quote Monday Mantra via lawhimsy
Affirmation Mondays

Monday Mantra 65

Life is all about perspective and perspective is completely subjective. It's that truth that provides the uniquely fluid abilities that perspective has and shines a light on the power each of us has over our own choice of perspective. How we choose to perceive what is presented to us in each moment of living shapes… Continue reading Monday Mantra 65

yugen Linda Hogan Native American quote
Affirmation Mondays

Affirmation Mondays 64 ~ You are the result of the love of thousands…

This gorgeous quote (first featured in my Yugen Word Nerd) has been an almost constant companion over the past few days. It's been in the rumbling thunder, in the sudden down-pouring of rain. It's been shimmering, radiant across the humidity dampened mountain range, through the komorebi in the sylvan woods. It's been in the purrs… Continue reading Affirmation Mondays 64 ~ You are the result of the love of thousands…

Komorebi Word Nerd via LaWhimsy
Word Nerd

Word Nerd : Komorebi

Komorebi is a Japanese term that is utterly tantalizing  and untranslatable in the English language. Komorebi is the very sort of everyday elegance that I adore, since it's something so familiar that it can so easily go unnoticed and yet it is so magical that it can take one's breath away when they do notice… Continue reading Word Nerd : Komorebi