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Word Nerd : Komorebi

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Komorebi Word Nerd via LaWhimsyKomorebi is a Japanese term that is utterly tantalizing  and untranslatable in the English language. Komorebi is the very sort of everyday elegance that I adore, since it’s something so familiar that it can so easily go unnoticed and yet it is so magical that it can take one’s breath away when they do notice it. I think komorebi is at it’s most wonderful when you are in a more heavily wooded area and there is a slight breeze that makes the sunlight dance about as it dapples the path you are walking along.

sunlight through the trees komorebi gif Komorebi is such a gentle, romantic, poetic word and one I intend to use, and pay even more attention, to!

Namaste ~ Ella

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