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Word Nerd: Crytoscopophilia

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsycrytoscopophilia definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyCrytoscopophilia is the urge ones feels to look through peoples windows as they pass by their houses. Crytoscopophilia is not to be confused with a peeping tom or voyeur since it is specific in it’s definition as a glance or glimpse as one passes by.

I suppose that one could perverse crytoscopophilia but there is really no need since there are many other terms that describe such deviously violating behaviors (such as the two mentioned above). Crytoscopophilia is more about the fleeting glances one might give into a window of a dwelling as they pass by, the kind of glimpse that allows one to imagine the kind of lives being lived inside by the unknown individuals. In a way crytoscopophilia is akin to sonder in that crytoscopophilia can easily trigger a wave of sonder that can strike one to the core.

crytoscopophilia photo by anton darius thesollers via LaWhimsyWhat complex, vastly unique yet similar lives dwell beyond these window panes – that is the question that brings about crytoscopophilia (though maybe don’t get this close?!).

Yes, crytoscopophilia could lead to creepy behaviors, but if one behaves with respect and only glances, or even merely wonders, at what is beyond a windowpane in passing, then all is well and the human condition of curiosity is satiated. What do you think of crytoscopophilia and have you ever felt it?

Namaste ~ Ella

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