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Word Nerd: Deflagrate

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsyDeflagrate definition via Word Nerd by LaWhimsyDeflagrate means to burn suddenly and usually violently. Deflagrate derives from the Latin verb flagrare (to burn) and the prefix de (down or away) so deflagrate is literally to burn down or away. Deflagrate may be a rather simple word, but the actual act of combustion that occurs when something deflagrates is complex and beautiful in it’s fiery, quick raging glory.

deflagrating dandelion fire gif via LaWhimsyI hear the siren song / the flame it sings to me / I see the embers falling from the deflagration, seeking / A moth / A mortal / a chill runs through / as closer I draw / a destiny fulfilled. ~ Ella

While I am no pyromaniac, I do so love to loose my thoughts as I stare into the soul of a flame as it dances about, consuming that which feeds it, feeling the heat and marveling at it’s purity and power. Deflagrate is certainly a rapid version of that and a word that I really quite like!

Namaste ~ Ella

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