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Word Nerd: Mimsy

Mimsy describes one who is rather feeble, unhappy or affected. Mimsy is a rather delightful word created and used by Lewis Carroll inThe Jabberwocky. In Through the Looking-Glass Humpty-Dumpty explains that mimsy is a blend of the words flimsy and miserable thus meaning unhappy. Mimsy is known by other spellings, most notably mimzy or mimsey… Continue reading Word Nerd: Mimsy

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Word Nerd: Addlepated

Addlepated is the state of being confused or stupid. One becomes addlepated when they get themselves mixed-up and out of sorts. Addlepated derives from the terms addle (confuse) and pate (the human head or brain), thus addlepated means a confused head or brain. Addlepated can also mean eccentric - think of Miss Flite from Bleak… Continue reading Word Nerd: Addlepated

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Word Nerd: Kindness

Kindness is the act of being caring or warm in spirit. Kindness is a thoughtful deed done with consideration. A friendly smile shared with a stranger, that's kindness. A helping hand, a cordial wave, a generous gesture, that's all kindness. Practicing forgiveness, towards yourself or others, that's kindness. Listening to your heart, your conscious, your… Continue reading Word Nerd: Kindness

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Word Nerd: Eunoia

Eunoia means beautiful thinking or a well mind. In rhetoric eunoia is the perceived or real goodwill a speaker has towards their audience. Eunoia is thought to derive from the Greek word euvoia (well mind) and as a fun fact, eunoia is the shortest word in the English language to contain all 5 of the… Continue reading Word Nerd: Eunoia

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Word Nerd: Meliorism

Meliorism is the belief that the world can be improved through human effort. Meliorism was most likely drawn from the Latin melior (better) or the English meliorate, which is a synonym of ameliorate (to make better). Many credit British novelist George Eliot with coining meliorism and meliorist (an advocate of meliorism) in 1877, though meliorist… Continue reading Word Nerd: Meliorism

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Word Nerd: Lagom

Lagom is a Swedish term and philosophy that means just the right amount. Of course, lagom (like many Swedish terms) doesn't have a true English language equivalent, rather more an attempt to capture the essence of the word. Lagom är bäst or The right amount is best, is a Swedish proverb that sums up the… Continue reading Word Nerd: Lagom