Images, Musings and Mutterings

Bold Neon Deer Sketch

I had this doodle of a vintage deer that I saw on this great card awhile back and I figured why not sketch it out a bit bigger, add some bold, black lines and detail and then add a pop of color with some neon orange and pink triangles and a few blue polka dots… Continue reading Bold Neon Deer Sketch

Musings and Mutterings

Lazy Late Summer Days

*Just a wee sketch for the heck if it* I'm feeling quite lazy today. It's overcast in that watery, gray, heat-hazy sort of way, where the yellow sun peeks through here and there and raindrops fall in-between, yet it's not enough to break the humidity any. Instead of working, I'm giving myself permission to listen… Continue reading Lazy Late Summer Days

My Creations

Seal Watercolor

Merry Monday everyone! I was inspired this morning (after getting a note from a very dear friend) to sketch out this little seal. I think he turned out rather sweetly. Step one was a light pencil outline that I then filled in with a light watercolor pencil base in grey with a hint of pale… Continue reading Seal Watercolor

Musings and Mutterings

A Kokeshi Doll Sketch

I have always adored kokeshi dolls and when I picked up my pencil to doodle the other day, out came this little cutie! With a bit of pen and ink detail I think she is quite the charmer and I plan of sketching up a lot more kokeshi. Now if only I could remember where… Continue reading A Kokeshi Doll Sketch

My Creations

Sketch Book ~ Washi Tape Style

This morning I played around with some watercolor pencils and washi tape and came up with this rather simple, yet colorful sketch. While I'm not exactly thrilled with the complete outcome (water color pencils + words + water = blurry mess and I knew it too but did it anyway - doh!) I do like… Continue reading Sketch Book ~ Washi Tape Style


Sketch Book – Let the Creative Flow

Yesterday I did something that I had been wanting to do for quite awhile now, but had shied away from at the same time - I picked up a pencil, opened my sketch book and simply started to draw. I made the above sketch and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I didn't judge myself or… Continue reading Sketch Book – Let the Creative Flow